Born in 1974 in The Bronx, New York, Michael Cuomo began his journey as an artist in 2002 when he found his latent talents emerge while dabbling with crayons. He deeply immersed himself in his newfound calling and found great joy expressing himself through abstract designs, providing an avenue for psychic and emotional release. In 2003, he began oil painting on canvas and actively engaged in various methods and techniques, both instinctual and learned, further developing his natural abilities and formalizing his particular model of self-expression. During the years, his mix of unorthodox and traditional methods of creation has produced a vast spectrum of artwork, an eclectic collection that depicts Michael’s history of self-discovery both as an artist and a spiritualist.

Michael Cuomo creates art from a transcendent state of detachment with no particular outcome. He seeks to become a conduit for creative energy summoned from higher dimensions of reality, energy of infinite mastery of timeless proportion, fearless and confident that his devotion to this spiritually-charged artistic process is the sacrifice required at the altar of his own becoming. This belief imbues his art with an otherworldly aspect, his creations being part of a unique visual language that speaks to universal truths hidden deep in the human heart. 

Cuomo is actively engaged in community projects that promote the arts, including teaching seniors drawing and painting since 2010. He also shares his time and knowledge with art workshops for children with non-profit organizations and public schools. His passion for teaching is derived from his own personal relationship with the healing properties that can be gained from expressing oneself through art. He believes everyone has a unique visual expression that can be drawn out through persistent practice, patience, and consistent effort to explore one’s imagination.

His long-term goal is to create a center for creative learning that involves both artistic and spiritual principles which intends to inspire humanity toward expanding on their untapped potential.